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04 APR

09:30 am

Apple Tree, Debach, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 6BZ

IP13 6BZ

Di Ewing’s Training Day


Sunday April 4th

Di Ewings’ training day

Apple Tree,



Suffolk IP13 6BZ


Trainers: Mr Terry Strowger, Mr Bob Sharman, Mrs Jane Lintott and A N Other

Registration Fee: £10.00 per dog

Registration forms and fees must reach Mrs D Ewings, “Apple Tree”, Debach, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 6BZ no later than Monday 30 March 2015. Cheques to be made payable to Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club.

The aim of the day is too progress both dogs and handlers beyond their current standard of work and with a view to taking part in the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Novice Dog/Novice Handler working test or Show Gundog Working Certificate later in the year.

Meet: 9.30am for a 10.00am start.

We will divide into groups according to ability/aspirations. Those looking to participate in the Novice Dog/ Novice Handler working Test or the Show Gundog Working Certificate will be together, those with puppies or handlers who have never dipped a toe in the working water before will make a further group and finally, those who may have noticed specific faults and problems arising during the winter will make up the remaining group.

The ND/NH groups will run through the exercises that make up the Novice Dog/Novice Handler Working Test. They are heelwork, a seen (or marked) retrieve, a hidden (or blind) retrieve, a left and right and a retrieve from water, which is also an element of the Show Gundog Working Certificate.

The beginners group and those with specific issues to resolve will be provided with tuition according to their individual requirements.

During a break for refreshments the trainers will compare notes and high-light any difficulties which became evident in the first part of the day. These can then be worked on during the second part of the day. If nothing is evident the trainers will endeavour to introduce the next steps in your training programme, perhaps a walk up or teaching your dog to jump whilst retrieving. The day should finish in the region of 3.00pm.

Refreshments: Please make your own arrangements. There will be hot drinks available at the end of the day and toilet facilities will also be available.

Please ensure that you bring:

 • A picnic or camping chair

 • Your Wellington boots and warm clothes

 • Your whistles – if you do not possess any please contact Di Ewings for advice, you will be shown how to use them on the day.


Contact Di Ewings 01473 737611 for for me details