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2013 Novice Dog/Novice Handler & Special Puppy Working Test

Held on Saturday August 10th at Rickneys Farmhouse, Chapmore End, Hertford, SG12 0HD


Novice Dog/Novice Handler

1 Chishillhyde Toast (B)

(Souter Romulus At Millgreen x Cecily of Hertfordshire)

d.o.b 28.06.12 Owner/Handler Ms K.J Turner

2 Chalksville Lost In Love (D)

(Oaklins Commander in Chief x Chalksville Be Bop A Lula)

d.o.b 22.03.11 Owner Mr P & Mrs J King Handler Mr P King

3 Dumburgh Littlestar (B)

(Froglane Marksman of Dumburgh x Lady Shelley of Dumburgh)

d.o.b 15.09.08 Owner/Handler Mr J Blair

4 Galloper Sledway Dash (D)

(Birdsgreen Romantic Ronald At Tealcreek x Sydney of Carmarthen)

d.o.b 23.12.07 Owner Mrs M Hamilton Handler Mr M Hamilton

 Brodene Tempestivity to Mossburn (B) (NFC)

(Mossburn Colonel Mustard JW SH CH x Eowyn Spirit At Brodene)

d.o.b 27.05.08 Owner/Handler Mrs S Pounds-Longhurst

 Saintmags Spring Beauty Among Legrove (B)

(Legrove Navaho Hunter x Shines Like Stars)

d.o.b 24.03.11 Owner/Handler Mrs K Mitchell

 Tenfield looks like trouble at Maddouse JW (B)

(SH CH Squirrels Mead Digby of Canina JW x Tenfield Bindaree)

d.o.b 19.05.10 Owner/Handler Miss S Phipps

 Sanwann Shooting Star (D)

(Glencannich Red Kite at Sanwann x Swnwann Diamond)

d.o.b 18.04.12 Owner Mr P Foreman Handler Miss H Foreman

 Overdene’s Roving Reporter For Brensham (AM2) (D) (NFC)

(Tenfield Sea Biscuit (AD4) x Overdene Niamh Chinn Oir (AH2))

d.o.b 20.04.11 Owner/Handler Mrs A Fanning

Special Puppy

1 Tealcreek Ted Corrigan at Bryanstown (D)

(Bryanstown Castlebaldwin x Birdgreen Egypt at Tealcreek)

d.o.b 15.08.11 Owner/Handler Mrs D Ewings

2 Wadesmill Almond (D)

(Lochnabo Glorious Golden x Hoghedens Susa From Sweden)

d.o.b 03.04.12 Owner/Handler Mr N Franklyn

3 PandaPaws Aaron Star (D)

(Hananf Mace Spice of Life x Serene Clarissa of Pandapaws)

d.o.b 13.04.12 Owner/Handler Mrs S Bond

 Froglane Firefly (D)

(Vamp Parsley Potage x Froglane Tully)

d.o.b 02.09.12 Owner/Handler Dr M Hamilton

 Friendborn Eleganza (B)

(Hollinlane Impromptue and Friendborn x Friendborn Dainty Dacapo)

d.o.b 18.12.11 Owner/Handler Mrs H Kimberley

 Autumnwillow warwick (D)

(Vamp Parsley Potage x Sarasota Sunshine of Autumnwillow)

d.o.b 02.10.12 Owner Mr P & Mrs J King Handler Mr P King